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What are we doing ?

Cosmetic notification; Registration of foods "All types", food packing, cooking tools and advertisement; Customs clearance.

More than 15 year experiences and standardized and qualified by multinational companies.



We are strong at what we are doing

Projects: Cocacola, Samurai, Monster, Berocca, Huggies, Dior, Guerlain, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Versace, Soffell.

We are registering cosmetics, foods “All types”, food packing and cooking tools for many brands from EU, U.S.A, Japan, Korea and Asean.


About us

Missions, Values and Ways

You will not be worry about costs, time consuming and procedures.

You have services that deliver true satisfaction from your standpoint.

You have the highest priority on quality and safety for your confidence.


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Welcome to HoangKhanh Co.,Ltd


About us

About us

The Philosophies that every employee shares to which we represent.


Our Missions

We want to simplify your business activities
We make our customers, employees and investors more successful
We make a positive contribution to the world


Our Values

People: We value our people and promote diversity in our workplace and in our thinking.

Service: Our absolutely, positively spirit puts you at the heart of everything we do.

Innovation: We invent and inspire the services and technologies that improve the way we work and live.

Integrity: We manage our operations, finances and services with honesty, efficiency and reliability.

Responsibility: We champion safe and healthy environments for the communities in which we live and work.

Loyalty: We earn the respect and confidence of our people, you in everything we do.

Safety: We operate safely to protect our employees, customers, infrastructure, and equipment.


Our ways

Toward customers

We consistently strive to develop and supply services that deliver true satisfaction from the yours standpoint.

We always place the highest priority on quality and safety to ensure yours confidence.

We provide information that you need in a timely and appropriate manner.

We clearly and accurately present and carefully explain information that you need when selecting services.

We sincerely strive to enhance satisfaction and trust at all points of contact with you.

We handle consumer complaints sincerely and promptly.

We take consumer feedback seriously, and use it to improve and develop services.


Toward Business Partners

We select business partners properly, and engage in fair, transparent and free competition and appropriate business transactions.

We choose our clients, suppliers, outsourcing vendors and other business partners on the basis of their efforts to respect human rights, comply with laws, protect the environment and address social issues, as well as considerations such as quality and price.

We do not provide or accept gifts or entertainment that may cause suspicion regarding our fairness.

We respect all of our business partners who share our aims, and work together with them toward sustained growth.


Toward Employees

We respect the character and individuality of everyone in the work place, in all their diversity, and strive to develop and grow together.

We never engage in or tolerate discrimination on any basis including, but not limited to, race, color, gender, age, language, property, nationality or national origin, religion, ethnic or social origin, political or other opinion, disability, health status and sexual orientation, nor do we engage in or tolerate moral harassment, including sexual harassment and abuse of power.

We work together with our co-workers to fulfill our potential in our jobs.

We strive to maintain a dialogue with our co-workers, and are committed to their growth as well as our own.

We strive to conduct fair evaluations.

We work conscientiously and maintain a clear distinction between professional and private matters.

We strive to create a safe, healthy work environment and enhance employees’ comfort and sense of fulfillment.

We seek to make work environments safe, clean and healthy.

We strive to maintain and manage our physical and mental health, and to maintain an appropriate work/life balance.


Toward society

We abide by the laws of each country and region in which we operate, and maintain sound ethical behavior as well as respect human rights.

We abide by the laws and respect the history, culture, customs and other aspects of each country and region in which we operate.

We respect international laws including treaties. We never engage in human rights violations such as child labor or forced labor.

We do not have relationships with individuals or organizations that engage in illegal activities such as threatening public order or safety. We also do not respond to any requests for money or services from such individuals or organizations.

We strictly maintain fairness and a high level of transparency in our relationships with national and local government entities and officials, political parties and politicians.


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